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China Construction eyes regional role

THE decline in the number of building projects up for grabs here and intense competition prompted even China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd (CCDC), one of the top revenue earners in Singapore's construction sector, to diversify into infrastructure some five years ago. It is now tendering for more infrastructure contracts, scouring for more private residential development projects and even looking beyond Singapore's shores for... ...more

Green innovator sets his sights high

Mr Zac Toh has been scaling new heights with his green roofs, which are covered with growing plants. Yesterday, the 25-year-old was crowned Singapore's Young Green Innovator of the Year for pioneering green roofs at his family's firm. When appropriately designed, rooftop greenery has many benefits, including better air quality, lower temperatures and increased energy efficiency. He was one of 16 winners recognised by the Singapore Green Building... ...more

Some builders not keen to be first movers in PPVC

Singapore IT does not always pay to be the first mover. That's how some contractors feel about the government's push for more productive methods in the construction industry. But Singapore building firms have little choice. As it stands, almost half the government land sale sites mandate the use of prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) - a building method where large modules complete with finishes are manufactured in factories... ...more

Green buildings are good for health too

Green buildings are not just a boon to the environment, they keep people healthier too. Those who work in such buildings are less likely to suffer from fatigue and skin irritation, or the other ills of sick building syndrome, according to a new Building and Construction Authority (BCA) study which shows that the benefits of such buildings stretch beyond energy-saving. Compared to regular buildings, green buildings are better equipped to filter... ...more

Future of HDB construction

The use of Lego-like technology in construction is set to become more pervasive. The Housing Board announced last week that from 2019, all rooms in one-third of new HDB flats launched will be prefabricated as a whole. Rooms will be built in their entirety in factories, shipped over to sites and then stacked like building blocks. They will come with finishes such as floor tiles, window frames, flooring and a coat of paint. This is... ...more

Contracts given for Phase 2 of deep-tunnel sewer system

PUB, Singapore's national water agency, appointed three contractors yesterday to design and build the first batch of deep tunnels and link sewers for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) Phase 2. Over the next seven years, the three contractors will design and construct about 30km of deep tunnels and link sewers, as well as their supporting structures. Construction will begin at the end of this year. In total, the contracts are worth $1.51... ...more

Quality of pre-fab flats expected to get better over time

Pre-fabricating rooms and bathrooms off-site promises not only manpower savings and faster assembly, but also better quality for HDB home owners. But yesterday's announcement that the Housing Board is targeting the use of more pre-fabricated units for launches from 2019 onwards has left some home owners wondering if the construction method will live up to expectations. Housewife Dion Lim, 38, for one, was unhappy with the bathrooms in her... ...more

HDB widens use of prefab to hit building productivity targets

Singapore The Housing and Development Board (HDB) on Wednesday announced new initiatives that will enable it to chalk up a 25 per cent improvement in construction productivity in the decade between 2010 and 2020. To get there, it plans to - by 2019 - fit all new HDB flats with bathroom units pre-assembled off-site. These prefabricated bathroom units (PBUs) will be kitted out with copper piping, partial tiling, window frames and waterproofing... ...more