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Reg. No. :192378-W

No. PT 402 Jalan Satu
Tikam Batu Industrial Estate
08600 Sungai Petani
Kedah Darul Aman

Tel:604-439 1191, 439 1192
Fax:604-439 1193
Email: titanium@kij.com.my
Website: www.kij.com.my

Mr Goo Ban Siong, General Manager
Handphone: 6019-450 4444
Email: titanium@kij.com.my
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KIJ Excellence Titanium Sdn Bhd was founded in 1998 and was the first Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating company in Malaysia. We currently have a team of 30 people, all of whom are highly-trained and experienced. We have been appointed on many occasions to provide PVD coating services to many world famous brands and projects.

Our client base is truly international and derives from a wide range of industrial sectors such as automotive manufacturers, construction companies, interior designers, shipping companies, electronic & electrical fabricators, medical companies and tools makers. We aim to provide innovative, creative and excellent quality of services to our client.

Nature of Business

Our company specialises in:
• Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Titanium Coating
• PVD Hard Coating
• Nano Coating Anti Finger Print (AFP) – Matte, Clear, Antique
• Surface Finishing – Glassbite (GB), Hairline (HL), 4B Hairline (4B), Checked Pattern (CP), Non-Direction (ND), Mirror (M)
• Art of Stainless Steel
• Cosmetic Refurbishment of used parts
• Ultrasonic Cleaning
• Chrome Plating, Gold Plating, Copper Plating
• Selling PVD equipment
• PVD Machine leak test and providing technical support service

We use both multi arc and magnetron sputtering technology in our PVD coating process. Our facilities are able to fit products of up to 5ft in width and 20ft in height.

Staff Strength


Export Market



Hong Leong Bank, Maybank

Quality Standard

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

Brand Names

KIJ -- Titanium/PVD Coating


Site Construction -- Surface Treatment
Finishes -- Decorative Finishes
Finishes -- High-Performance Coatings
Green Products & Services -- Building Materials


PVD Coating
PVD Coating

Plate coating, Accessories, Automotive and Bicycle parts, Logo and Signs, Interior and Exterior Decoration, Furniture, Statues and Refurbishment from brass. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition of Titanium, Titanium Aluminium and Chromium. The process known as Titanium/Titanium Aluminium/Chr ...more
PVD Hard Coating
PVD Hard Coating

Hard tools, Cutting tools, Moulds, Tool refurbishment, Endmills, Precision components, Drills. PVD hard coating is one of the best methods for optimising the hardness to residual compressive stress ratio. It uses a similar vacuum deposition coating method as the standard PVD coating that coats t ...more
Nano Coating Anti FingerPrint (AFP)
Nano Coating Anti FingerPrint (AFP)

Matte or Clear (Checked Pattern, Hairline, Non Direction, Glassbite), Antique (Mirror, Hairline, Non Direction), Mirror surface. Anti FingerPrint (AFP) coating used nano technologies that applied on the stainless steel after PVD coating, in the form of a thin and transparent layer. The sheet bec ...more
Surface Finishing
Surface Finishing

Mirror #8 (M), Glassbite/Beadblast (GB), Hairline (HL), 4B Hairline (4B), Non Direction (ND), Checked Pattern (CP). Surface finishing is a decoration given to the surface of stainless steel. It is an important element in any specification for stainless steel regardless of the intended end use. F ...more
Art of Stainless Steel
Art of Stainless Steel

Mirror+Glassbite (MR+GB), Hairline+Glassbite (HL+GB), Mirror+Hairline (MR+HL), Mirror+Glassbite+Hairline (MR+GB+HL). Art of stainless steel is available in a variety of distinctive finishes that blend beauty with exceptional performance. It selections are defined by three basic parameter: materi ...more
Cosmetic Refurbishment, Sandblasting/Bead Blast, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Selling PVD Equipment, PVD Machine leak test and providing technical support service
Cosmetic Refurbishment, Sandblasting/Bead Blast, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Selling PVD Equipment, PVD Machine leak test and providing technical support service

1. Cosmetic Refurbishment - Used parts, tools, car accessories, fashion accessories. 2. Sandblasting/Bead Blast and Ultrasonic Cleaning - Signs and logos, awards and plaques, ultrasonic cleaning of grease and stains for products and parts. 3. Selling of PVD Equipment, PVD Machine leak test and p ...more

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